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Preventing & Treating Diabetes, Naturally: The Native Way Cover

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"Preventing & Treating Diabetes Naturally: The Native Way"
by Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, and Rudolph C Rÿser, PhD

The first evidenced-based natural medicine approach to preventing and treating diabetes designed specifically for Native people and the professionals they work with.
Learn practical strategies and the scientific evidence for holistic methods and traditional healing. This book provides a step-by-step approach to self-care and for making clinical decisions.
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Total number of pages is: 218 pages

Format: PDF eBook

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Title Pages / Size Format
Preventing & Treating Diabetes, Naturally: The Native Way
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218 pages / 44MB PDF eBook
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Preventing & Treating Diabetes, Naturally: The Native Way
ISBN: 978-0-557-06821-0
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242 Pages Paperback Book
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Table of Contents

(click on each chapter to download a free PDF of the first page)
  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1

    : Culture and the Principles of Traditional Healing
  • Chapter 2

    : Stress, Trauma and Diabetes
  • Chapter 3

    : Authentic foods, Diet and Nutrition
  • Chapter 4

    : Nutritional Supplements and Healing Routines
  • Chapter 5

    : Medicinal Foods and Plant Medicines: Native to Salish and Sahaptian Territories
  • Chapter 6

    : Diabetes Medications: What You Need to Know
  • Chapter 7

    : Energy Medicine: Polarity Therapy Protocol
  • Chapter 8

    : Detoxification
  • Chapter 9

    : Strategies for Community Action
  • Diabetes Exam

  • Glossary

  • References

  • Resources

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