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Preventing and Treating Diabetes, Naturally:
A Comprehensive Evidenced-Based Course for Practitioners and Families Living with Diabetes

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This multimedia course (MDC) presents the state-of-the-art integration for the prevention and treatment of diabetes, naturally. A comprehensive, 218 page PDF eBook details prevention and therapeutic protocols.

You will learn methods for helping individuals and changing communities; Diabetes is addressed from a holistic perspective. Therapeutic methods are provided to address physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of prevention and treatment.

A corresponding video teaches a polarity therapy protocol for treating diabetes. This is an invaluable tool for both the individual living with diabetes and the professional. Listen to an audio designed to deeply relax and reduce glucose levels.

Special chapters devoted to Pacific Northwest American Indian Health

You will benefit from and learn:


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Polarity Therapy Protocol:
Treatment for Diabetes
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Preventing & Treating Diabetes, Naturally: The Native Way
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218 Pages / 44MB PDF - eBook
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Preventing & Treating Diabetes, Naturally: The Native Way
ISBN: 978-0-557-06821-0
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242 Pages Paperback Book
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Health, Wellness, and Pride
24 Pages / 1.1MB PDF - eBook
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Salish Food Gathering Preparation and Preserving Methods for Health
1 hr 21 min MP3
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Oolichan Oil: Elixir of the Sea
1 hr 11 min MP3
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Relaxation and Guided Imagery for Diabetes
12 min 46 sec / 11.8MB MP3
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Traditional Medicine & Culinary Pedagogy
52 pages / 19MB - 40MB PowerPoint
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